Some background on the person who wrote “A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files” and on the Phoenix Foundation. A MUST for JFK and “mind control” researchers!

Welcome to the Phoenix Foundation

Many of you have probably at one time or another watched MacGyver, the popular TV series (no longer in production) about the guy who works for the Phoenix Foundation.

There is a real Phoenix Foundation, incorporated in 1981. I’ve been told by a reliable source (who has been an actor on the series) that the show was inspired by a copy of a newsletter, The Omega Report, that is produced by the real Phoenix Foundation.

The television show paralleled many of our real-world projects: UFOs, power lines, espionage and politics.

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the Phoenix Foundation and invite you to join as a member. We will also be uploading the texts of our newsletter, The Omega Report, to various CompuServe Libraries.

We are, to my knowledge, the only non-profit institute in
America (at least) that is dedicated to the study of Extremely
Low Frequency (ELF) energy. ELF affects every one of us every
day. Our brains operate on the ELF frequency band (0-3000
hertz). So do the brains of every living creature on earth.
Even the earth itself oscillates at an ELF frequency.

I have testified in federal court as an expert witness on
power line radiation. If any of you are concerned about high-
voltage power lines or substations near your home or office, or
about their environmental effects, you definitely need to know
more about the Phoenix Foundation.

We have received calls and letters from around the country on
this growing problem (which a secret utility memo compares to the
asbestos crisis), and we would like to form an international
network of citizens, organizations and researchers interested in
identifying the risks and the causes, and in finding solutions
that are fair and equitable to all, including the utilities. In
fact, we invite electric utility participation.

The story of the Phoenix Foundation goes back beyond 1981. I
personally carried out a lot of the research since 1961, and
founded the Phoenix Foundation as a formal organization to
further my own personal research.

The Phoenix Foundation – just like MacGyver indicates – is
involved in many things: weapons research, paraphysics research,
extraterrestrial research, biophysics, psychotronics,
electronics, agriculture, journalism, AIDS research, conflict
resolution, spiritual/scientific research, environmental
protection, space research, and political history.

I was the author, in 1975, of “A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone
Files”, available on CompuServe and must reading for anyone who
wants to understand how and why our society has deteriorated to
the point it has. The story BEHIND the Gemstone story is one of
the most incredible you will ever come across, and it can be
thoroughly documented. As time and finances permit, we will
begin uploading thousands of pages of documentation to
substantiate the claims made in the Gemstone Files. These files
were the reason behind the famous Watergate burglaries. Richard
Nixon wanted to find out just how much we knew and who we had
shared this information with.

We (I) have investigated the assassinations of John and
Robert Kennedy since they happened. We hope to upload a series
of exclusive articles I wrote for a national magazine in the
1970s that carries the JFK story farther than Oliver Stone ever
dreamed. This information was made available, upon request, to
the Senate Select Committee on Assassinations. It links
Watergate to Dallas. This story also involves mind control –
something virtually unknown by the public that is again
interested in what happened November 22, 1963.

I have personally spent months in jail in Tennessee for
trying to bring this information to the public. My crime was
publishing a newspaper on Sunday. (More about this in future
uploads). My home and office were ransacked by sheriff’s
deputies, the CIA and the Ku Klux Klan, working together. I was
virtually imprisoned as a political prisoner right here in

I have been urged over the years by hundreds of people to
tell my story, but that has been very difficult to do. It has
cost me my employability except in the most menial jobs. It
cost me my family and all that I owned (you can’t pay your bills
when you’re behind bars). Perhaps now is the right time, as
America faces the most dangerous period in her history. And
perhaps CompuServe is the right forum, for I can ill afford the
cost of printing the thousands of newsletters or magazines it
would take to get this story out to the American people.

Unless we are halted in our efforts, we will begin uploading
to you the story behind Watergate and Iran-Contra, the real
story about AIDS, and much more. I’ve been there, in a unique
position to witness history in the making.

In 1961, at the age of 16, I was building spy satellites.
(This is documented in an accompanying upload – see OBSAT.TXT)
Little did I know then how a science fair project would so
dramatically alter my life. It was in 1961, in a tour of Boeing
Aircraft-Wichita, that I first discovered that the United States
had recovered a crashed aircraft from an extraterrestrial
civilization and had bodies in deep freeze.

In 1963, I was involved in tornado research at the University
of Kansas, using the super-secret U-2 spy plane.

By 1964, I was working with the Cuban Student Directorate
(Des Moines branch), a CIA-funded group of Cuban exiles involved
in clandestine raids into Cuba to destroy sugar mills in an
attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro. It was years before I
learned that I had actually been working for the CIA and that
this group had been involved in Kennedy’s assassination.

By 1966, I was a reporter for a daily newspaper (Pratt (KS)
Daily Tribune). At 19 I was the youngest departmental editor of
a daily newspaper anywhere in the US or Canada.

Two years later I was in Chicago, working as an investigative
reporter and national columnist for National Features Syndicate,
investigating the Kennedy assassination and working with a staff
member from the office of New Orleans DA Jim Garrison. It was
there that I stumbled across the story of how the US was using
“behavioral modification” (we know it as “mind control”) to
monitor and control assassins such as Sirhan Sirhan and Jack

While there I was savagely beaten by the Mafia – a warning to
lay off. I didn’t lay off. I uncovered a Mafia-operated
counterfeit operation that was manufacturing “Longines-Wittnaur”
watches by the tens of thousands, undermining the legitimate
company. By the time I realized what I was involved in, it was
too late. The Chicago Mob’s hit men made their move. One
helluva story there!

That same year I was working (briefly) as a volunteer for
Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Then he was murdered.
Within weeks, I was Illinois State Chairman of Senator Eugene
McCarthy’s presidential campaign (not to be confused with rabid
anti-Communist Joe McCarthy). I took on the Daley political
machine in a courtcase that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme
Court (I won).

That case has been used as precedent by independent
presidential candidates ever since – both conservative and
liberal. The story of how both George Wallace and Richard Nixon
campaigns tried to fund us to destroy the Democratic Party is
worth telling, as is the story of how the movement was
infiltrated and taken over by explosive SDS and Weathermen
radicals who wanted to dynamite the polling booths. How many of
these were federal “agents de provocateur” I’ll never know, but
I publicly quit in disgust and outrage. Violence is not at all
what democracy is supposed to be about.

In 1969, with a Mafia contract out on me, I fled to Tennessee
and started publishing a small weekly newspaper in 1971 that
landed me in even more hot water. I discovered small towns are
more dangerous than the cities. They can keep a better eye on
you, and destroy you much more effectively.

My children were shot at as they played in the front
yard. Friends were offered money to put me in the hospital and
shut me up. A deputy sheriff was murdered one night when he
tried to bring me a story he had written about how corrupt the
sheriff’s department was, running a burglary ring that covered
several counties, and dealing drugs. When all that failed, I
was arrested and jailed for three months for having my newspaper
office open on Sunday. (That story made the papers, television
and even Editor & Publisher magazine).

When I got out of jail in 1975, I started writing my Modern
People, a Chicago news weekly (not to be confused with People
Magazine). My assignment: solve the Kennedy assassination. My
undercover work for Texas Senator Henry Gonzalez (who spearheaded
the renewed JFK probe and who later became committee chairman,
only to quit after he himself was the target of a Mafia contract)
brought me even more problems after I revealed it was Watergate
burglar E. Howard Hunt who was in charge of the secret CIA photo
team across the street from the Cuban consulate in Mexico City.
That team produced the photos of Lee Harvey Oswald that were not
Oswald at all, but a CIA assassin. When it became obvious that
the Senate Committee had been infiltrated by the very people
covering up the assassination truth, both I and Gonzalez quit.

In April 1975, I completed “A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone
Files” – which is available for download on CompuServe. In May
my home was broken into and a copy of the manuscript was stolen,
then later published in the City of San Francisco Magazine.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Department placed me under
heavy surveillance. My neighbor, a redneck if there ever was
one, was making lists of the license numbers of every car that
visited my house, and turning them over to the sheriff. I was
told by the Fairview police chief (a friend) that “something is
going on” and that it was out of his jurisdiction. He had been
told not to intervene. In exchange for his “help”, my neighbor
was given carte blanche to go through the house of my other
neighbor, who had died, and take whatever he wanted. The dead
man’s house sat vacant for months.

Not too long after that, Hustler magazine publisher Larry
Flynt (yeah, I know, he’s a drugged out sleazeball), offered me
$1 million for what I had on the JFK murder. I sent him the
Gemstone Files. Two days after I discussed the story with his
staff he was permanently crippled by a would-be assassin. The
story was rejected – then in February 1979, Hustler published it
*- without paying for it – and even misspelled the same words I
had deliberately misspelled as protection.

I went to Charles Galbreath, former Tennessee Appellate Court
Judge and a friend of Flynt’s. I wanted to know what was going
on. Galbreath wanted to sue. The story got even stranger at
that point. Hustler admitted they had received the story from me
and offered a $2,000 out-of-court settlement, which I rejected.
(Maybe, in retrospect, I should have accepted it).

Suddenly, Galbreath backed off, after saying Flynt was being
controlled by sinister powers.

At the same time this was going on, I was helping Richard
Fann, a former cop, in his campaign for the Fairview City
Commission, and I began publishing the Gemstone Files.

Within days, I was again arrested – on drug charges. I
personally watched from a creek (where I bathed) as Williamson
County deputies placed marijuana plants on my front porch – my
front porch for Chrissake. I heard one deputy say “I want the
first shot at him.” I hid in the woods until dark, then tried
to get away, but they had stolen the keys to my car. I walked on
foot for miles to a friend’s house. They nabbed me there. I was
jailed, even though Judge Ann Franks told them to release me on
my own recognizance. Sheriff Fleming Williams told the judge I
had been released, when in fact, I had not, and was being held
incommunicado in the Williamson County Jail in Franklin. I was
alone in the world like I had never been alone before.

My landlady went to my house to discover “men in suits” going
through my files. She was told “if you want to keep your family
alive, you’ll get your butt back up the hill and forget you saw
anything.” She didn’t, but instead went to the sheriff’s
department, where she was ignored. I wonder why. Years later, I
found out who at least one these men were – the Tennessee Grand
Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.

I was told I would never leave jail alive. They brought a
humongous deputy in (he must have weighed 400 pounds) and told me
I would be shot in the head trying to escape. They were going to
take me for a ride. It wouldn’t be the first time this had
happened in Williamson County. Earlier an inmate, handcuffed
behind his back, was shot in the back of the head and killed
when he “tried to escape.”

I smuggled a letter out to the County Judge, Wilburn Kelley,
whom I had helped in his election. I also led a work strike by
the inmates when the deputies were stealing our food and taking
it home, starving us out. The letter was broadcast on the radio
and Kelley visited the jail; things improved for awhile.

I am alive today probably only by the grace of God and the
compassion of the Fairview police chief. I was taken to Fairview
City Court to face “check forgery” charges. I had signed my
wife’s name on a $5 check for gas (she was at work and the gas
tank was empty). She didn’t initiate any proceedings. The bank
saw the signature was different and the sheriff jumped at the
possible charges. He flew into a rage when the judge refused to
force my wife to testify and the grand jury refused to indict
me. He swore he would take it over their heads to insure I was
put away for good.

The local charges were dismissed and when the sheriff’s
deputies didn’t show up to take me back to jail to face the
“drug” charges, the local police chief looked at me and said,
“I’m not going to do their dirty work for them. I don’t care
where the hell you go, just get out of here.” I fled to
Nashville and stayed with a friend until my county court date.
When I showed up, they tried to arrest me for escape, but Judge
Franks said enough is enough. Stop right there. I was found
guilty, though, on the marijuana charge. I didn’t stand a chance
against that. Sentence: time served.

As for Richard Fann, the cop running for office, he won with
more votes than anyone had ever received in Fairview history,
and became mayor.

My own life in shambles, I went to Nashville and waited
tables while I pursued the court case against Hustler, on my
own, without an attorney. I was doing alright, winning every
motion, until a new lawyer appeared on the scene to volunteer
his help. He suggested I withdraw the case from federal court
and file it in state court, where a jury would be more hostile
to Flynt’s values. Worst advice I ever took. Two days later the
lawyer vanished. I went to his house. It was bare. To this
day I have no idea whatever happened to him. Was he a plant to
sabotage the case? I don’t know.

The Gemstone Files was widely published – but heavily
censored – and was made into a movie and a book by a CIA front
corporation. Their objective was to present it as fiction, so
people would never again regard it for what it was – FACT. The
corporation that published it was, in fact, a CIA proprietary
airline like Air America. It was their only venture into
publishing. One of their agents tried to take credit for the

At this point, I guess any person in their right mind would
have quit, just given up and said to hell with it. But then I
guess I didn’t fit that description. I did tone it down (I had a
family to support). I held several nondescript jobs:
typesetter, warehouse manager, retail store manager).

In 1980, I served as Davidson County Co-Chairman of the John
Anderson presidential campaign. The campaign was infiltrated by
Republican dirty tricksters. When Anderson’s daughter came to
town, one of those tricksters, who was posing as a doctor, was
assigned as her driver. He eluded the Secret Service and drove
Eleanora around trying to get her to do drugs. The Secret
Service was in a panic when they couldn’t find her. I can
imagine what kind of front-page scandal that would have made.
This is the first time anywhere that incident has been revealed.

It was during this same year that the Iran-Contra scandal
began. Reagan’s people approached Anderson with information that
Carter was involved in some secret arms deal for the hostages.
It was pure bullshit! More dirt tricks.

In 1981, I founded the Phoenix Foundation and set up The
Omega Report, a computer-run bulletin board service. When I
once again started publishing the Gemstone Files, I was visited
at work by an individual who worked (and still does) at a top-
secret communications facility just across the street from where
I lived.

This communications facility is on a hill that gives it an
unobstructed view of Nashville. It has high-powered surveillance
cameras on the tower. In fact, at a public meeting in front of
some 500 people, I asked the head of the Tennessee Emergency
Management Agency about those cameras. He bragged they could
read license plates at a shopping center several miles away. My
next action was a letter to Mayor (and former Congressman)
Richard Fulton asking why these cameras were pointing into
people’s bedrooms (including my own) and on whose authority. I
would go out in the yard and the cameras would move, following
my direction.

The individual who showed up at work told me there was a
thick file on me making the rounds of the facility and that I
had better be very careful. I had pissed off some powerful
people. I won’t reveal this person’s name because I still have
contact with him and do not want to jeopardize his job. But he
told me some of what was in the file – enough private details
that I knew he was telling the truth.

As Iran-Contra unraveled, the Foundation published a special
Omega Report (still available in limited quantities). We were
the first to reveal the Reagan deal to delay release of the
hostages. I called it as I saw it – treason. We reported the
concentration camps set up in ten states as part of Operation
Rex 1984. These camps were built to hold 400,000 people –
American citizens – who did not agree with Reagan’s Nicaraguan
militarism. I sent a copy to every member of Congress (it cost
me a bundle!)

I’ve been told that as ABC-News panned the Iran-Contra
hearing room during breaks, copies of the report were seen on
the desks of several Congressional staffers. I can’t verify
that. We intend to upload that report to CompuServe. You need
to know what’s going on!

We were the first to predict the Berlin Wall would fall – a
year before it happened. Using computer technology to analyze
European news events, we beat the CIA and the White House on
that one!

We’ve produced a lot of material on the phony “War on Drugs.”
This so-called war is a hoax. Uncle Sam is America’s biggest
dope dealer and the “war” is simply an excuse to destroy the
Bill of Rights. It’s working, too. (More to come on this).

We’ve produced a lot of material on the use of Extremely Low
Frequency (ELF) radiation for mind control. We’ve obtained,
through the Freedom of Information Act, CIA and DIA documents
that prove it. We are, according to a CIA document submitted to
the Warren Commission, being programmed “in a manner consonant
with national plans” (Richard Helms) in “the battle for the
minds of men.”

The DIA document tells how, in 1976, the military was using
mind control technology as a “barrier weapon” to literally
change the enemy’s mind – creating temporary and permanent brain
damage, inducing hypnosis and “voices in the head.”

We used it in Panama against Noriega and in Iraq against
Saddam Hussein. And in America against U.S. citizens. We
suspect there is a link between this and high-voltage power
lines, as outlined in the DIA document. The nation’s electrical
system and plumbing grid can be used as a powerful ELF brain-
wave transmitter to condition the population. Even the judge in
the Judas Priest “subliminal control” trial cited a litany of
how the CIA has attempted to use it “to alter the outcome of
national elections.”

Remember that as you vote in November.

Another area we’ve been involved in – stemming from my 1961 trip to Boeing – is extraterrestrial contact. There are a lot of paranoid nuts out there with some wild stories, but there is also a lot of frightening truth to what is being circulated. Our newsletters cover some of this.

My background is journalism, engineering. I seek facts. Provable facts. And I try to pass it on to you. We also present differing opinions – since my role is not that of a censor, but that of historian. Judge for yourself what may be real and what isn’t.

Our involvement in high-voltage power lines has brought back
the ugly surveillance and smear tactics of the powers that be.
Two years ago, when a local utility company tried to place a
high-voltage power line in an affluent Nashville neighborhood,
people were upset about the aesthetics. We pointed out that
there was much more to be concerned about – birth defects, brain
cancer, etc.

We were invited to speak to Brentwood homeowners – where a
175,000-volt line runs only 20 feet from children’s swingsets.
But a power line “volunteer” from Murfreesboro began writing
letters and making phone calls accusing me of being a convicted
felon, a child molester, a CIA agent and a communist, and
warning people to stay away from me and the Phoenix Foundation.
I saw one such letter in court.

After $70,000 in legal fees (not my money), we gave up on the case, even though I think we had a chance of winning it.

America’s first community electronic newspaper and electronic town hall, with the participation of the Democrat and Republican parties, city council members, state legislators, the governor and Congressmen.

Within 30 days, I was again under attack. The State of Tennessee demands to do a “routine” audit of every document, every bill, every receipt, every check since 1988 – even though I’ve paid all state taxes I’ve been told to pay. This audit is set to come up September 22.

That’s where things stand now. I couldn’t find a job anywhere. I am unemployable. Employers who have had government contracts were told to choose between me and their contracts. My last employer told me I was one step away from being “hit”, according to a private investigation.

This is what America has come to. This is the price you can expect to pay for patriotism. I want to tell you – and those who may be watching me – what patriotism is all about. It isn’t relaxing in your easy chair with a six-pack of Budweiser and Monday Night Football and accepting every piece of crap fed to you on the news. It’s about loving your country and your people enough to take the necessary risks to make America the nation she should be, the nation she deserves to be.