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How to Steal from Africa – Of Course, It’s All Perfectly Legal

Alex de Waal African Arguments When UK PM David Cameron opens the Anti-Corruption Summit on 12 May, we should be aware that the greatest fraud perpetrated on the majority of the world’s citizens is all perfectly legal. Africa loses at least $50 billion a year — and probably much, much more than that — perfectly lawfully. About 60% of this loss is from aggressive tax avoidance by multinational corporations, which organise their accounts so that they make their profits in tax havens, where they pay little or no tax. Much of the remainder is from organised crime with a smaller amount from corruption. This was the headline finding of the High Level… Read More

The Most Dangerous Police Force in America

The Fresno PD is under investigation and speculation within a vast majority of independent sources. An activist by the name of John Lang predicted his own death for speaking out against the corruption of the police force here in Fresno county. His murder is shrined in mystery to the utmost severity. Drawing international recognition by the strongest hacker force to ever exist titled Anonymous, in which they publicly target Fresno Cities Representatives in claiming they would take down their website for lack of response or credibility for future investigations, stating “John Lang will not be forgotten”. The police were found to be capitalizing illegally on Fresno residents by profiling, and scanning… Read More


EBOLA PATIENCE ZERO Over the weekend a very strange event happened at the Georgia Guidestones. A maintenance crew showed up at the monument and without fanfare leaned a ladder on the slab of granite that speaks of the reduction of the planet’s population to 500 million in order to keep it sustainable. A man climbed the ladder and removed the stone that had the numbers of 20 and 14 on it. He then climbed down the ladder, took out a large hammer and proceeded to break up the cube into pieces. He handed the pieces to onlookers without saying a word. There were other numbers on the cube and there were… Read More

2013: Bill Gates Asks Fellow Billionaires To Help Reduce World’s Population

By Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have invested several billions of dollars into vaccine initiatives to fight the polio virus. Bill Gates is encouraging fellow billionaires to do the same. Gates is concerned about Nigeria and Pakistan because “local conspiracy theories have undermined inoculation drives.” Gates said: “The truth is the vaccine is to help kids. And spreading rumors and attacking the workers on this – those people don’t have justice and truth on their side. And so we may miss by a year or two if we can’t help out with that. The president, the religious leaders a lot of the supporters of that country are trying to… Read More

The couldn't give a XXXX FILES

Our own Sculley and Mulder mixed up in one Captain W E Paranoia this month investigates the Aids virus. Did it just happen or was it created in a lab ?. My father, Wing Commander Paranoia, used to say ‘you can’t enslave a free man, you can only kill him.’ Information is exactly the same, no attempts at imprisoning, restraining or gagging it will ever succeed. The more draconian the measures, the more hi tech the equipment used to impound it, the more channels will be found for it’s dissemination. Let’s not forget that the Net itself (probably one of the greatest information liberators we’ve invented) was created by intelligence and… Read More

2008: I Should Have Done Something When I Could

By Ted Twietmeyer 5-20-8 Will you say one day, “I Should Have Done Something When I Could?” Time is running out faster than most people realize. If you’re reading this essay on, a similar website or via email, you are probably already aware of this fact. But this essay isn’t intended to preach to the choir. My intention is to provide something useful to share with your friends and families who need help understanding. It is intended to help them to understand that what they see and hear is engineered, controlled and filtered courtesy of Uncle Sam. That spell cast upon them needs to be broken, just as your spell… Read More

One World, One Money

By Carl Teichrib, Chief Editor  Forcing Change: Note: this article is a condensed version of a longer report published in the December 2007 edition of Forcing Change, which contains an expanded historical overview – including the role of Special Drawing Rights – and an examination of Global Central Bank scenarios. “A global economy requires a global currency.” — Paul Volcker, former Chair of the US Federal Reserve.[1] “I fully support a single global currency.” Flabbergasted, I waited for an explanation. “That way farmers in Africa get the same pay as farmers in North America, and workers in Asia would receive the same as their counterparts in Europe and elsewhere.” Hmmm…an… Read More

2012: Rockefeller Foundation Predicts 13,000 Dead at London 2012 Olympics

James Britpod June 7, 2012 A 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” outlines a scenario which results in the death of 13,000 during the 2012 Olympics. The first worrying prediction begins in 2012 when ‘the pandemic the world had been anticipating for years’, finally hits, infecting nearly 20 percent of world population and claiming 8 million lives. Due to this pandemic, the Rockefeller Foundation outlines how the public will welcome a more authoritative government and a tighter control across all aspects of life, including Biometric IDs for all citizens. The 2012 London Olympics Bombing In the document, the Rockefeller Foundation ‘predicts’ that the decade… Read More


313- (X) HTML – HOMO SAPIENS – 20090209-0330 PASS IT ONTO A MILLION (BEST SEEN WHEN OPENED FULL PAGE) FOR RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY (FINAL REVISION) HOMO SAPIENS BY JACQUES HARDY WHAT IS THAT? WHAT DOES IT EAT IN WINTER ? 1. HOMO SAPIENS Homo Sapiens means “wise man” and it is supposed to mean more exactly that human beings are intelligent. But now, if we look at what happens in the world, we are forced to conclude that such a definition is all wrong. If humans were intelligent, they would do none of the following things: 1. Refuse education. 2. Refuse to discipline themselves. 3. Act against both their own and others’ interests. 4.… Read More

Solstizio d’Inverno 2007

Solstizio d’Inverno 2007      A:.U:.T:.O:.S:.A:.G:.   ORDO AB CHAO ANCIENT and ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE JURISDICTION ITALY To the reserved Convent required in Malta Document of the Supreme Council of the A:.A:.S:.R:. Jurisdiction Italy at the Winter Solstice on the 27th December 2007       FREEMASONRY IN THE NEW NETWORK IN A LARGE GLOBAL ADVICE Dearest and most powerful Peers,   …..on the occasion of the feast day of St John the Evangelist, the visible part of the works of our Supreme Council gathered together exactly on the 27th day of the month of December of the year 2007 Anno Domini.   Today and with this document we forcefully interrupt our… Read More