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Adolf Hitler’

Population Control Efforts Since The 1970s Per Declassified USA Document

(Source) By Catherine J. Frompovich If ever there were doubts about so-called “conspiracy theorists” reports regarding world population reduction plans and efforts, you now can put them aside and take a long-over-due reality check on what’s been in the works since the early 1970s under the “tutelage” of none other than globalist Henry Kissinger!  Mr. Kissinger is Jewish; didn’t he learn anything about Adolf Hitler’s attempted reduction of the Jewish race?  Shame on you, Mr. Kissinger! The main testament to the globalists’ population controls plans for reducing humanity literally were set in stone in the 1980s, i.e., granite monoliths known as the Georgia Guidestones, whose first “new commandment” of the New World… Read More

Henry Kissinger — Top Architect of the New World Order

by Wesman Todd Shaw Who is Dr. Henry Kissinger? The Original Dr. Evil For a huge variety of well justified reasons, Dr. Henry Kissinger is believed by millions to be one of the single most evil individuals still living, or to have ever lived. The problem with considering Dr. Kissenger as “evil” is that inside of each of us there is a little Dr. Kissinger that lacked the nourishment to reach the heights of satanic fruition that Dr. Kissinger has reached. Literally, Kissinger is no better than Hitler, it is a great lack of perspective that one must employee to envision Henry Kissinger as the more moral man than Adolf Hitler.… Read More

The Resistible Rise of Global Fascism

What is Fascism? Recently Chris Hedges wrote of an imperialist US that is infected by “the virus of fascism, wrapped in the American flag, held aloft by the Christian cross and buttressed by white supremacy.” Hedges was not using the term fascism as it would be used by a political theorist or historian. It is common to use “fascism” to indicate a more general and imprecise fascistic tendency. Yet there comes a point when so many fascistic traits are in evidence that you know you must be dealing with a type of Fascism. The US has become a Fascist state. The similarities between the US regime and past Fascist regimes are… Read More

Hitler’s Death A Hoax? Historians Claim Hitler Escaped Germany

Source: The Express In allegations set to debunk one of the biggest slices of world history, Russia is also accused of hiding vital evidence proving the Fuhrer and his wife Eva Braun fled in disguise. Two corpses found after the Second World War reported to be those of Hitler and Braun were in fact murdered body doubles. The claims due to be aired in an explosive television expose tomorrow will blow wide open theories of what happened to the world’s most infamous mass murderers. The programme claims Hitler did not die at the end of the war and threatens to expose the foundation of post-Second World War history as nothing more… Read More

No Charges For New Jersey Cop’s Daughter After She Dressed As Hitler And Threatened To Kill Jews

Are Cops’ Families Exempt From Prosecution Too? The teenage daughter of a New Jersey state trooper will not be charged with any crimes after posting and sharing online threats against Jews with her friends –including threatening to bomb a popular gathering place for Orthodox Jews — reports the Asbury Park Press. The unidentified teen, who has posted multiple pictures of her herself on Twitter dressed as Adolf Hitler, tweeted a photo of young Orthodox families  sitting outside an Italian ice shop in Jackson, New Jersey with a caption reading: “perfect bombing time.” In another photo, the young woman is wearing a makeshift Nazi uniform — incorporating a New Jersey state trooper uniform hat… Read More

Kodak’s Nazi Connections

by John S. Friedman The Nation magazine, March 26, 2001 New information recently uncovered at the National Archives reveals that subsidiaries of the Eastman Kodak company traded with Nazi Germany long after America had entered the war. A number of US firms have been identified previously as having been involved with the Nazi regime; most recently IBM was cited in a lawsuit filed in early February. Kodak’s Swiss branch bought photographic supplies from Germany in 1942 and 1943 for 72,000 wartime Swiss francs, from occupied France for more than 24,000 Swiss francs and from Hungary (a German ally) for 272,000 Swiss francs. For 1943 alone, these transactions were described by… Read More

Waffen – SS

After humble beginnings as a protection unit for the NSDAP leadership, the Waffen-SS eventually grew into a force of thirty-eight combat divisions comprising over 950,000 men, and including a number of elite units. In the Nuremberg Trials, the Waffen-SS was condemned as part of a criminal organization due to overwhelming participation in atrocities, and Waffen-SS veterans were denied many of the rights afforded other German combat veterans. Conscripts, however, were exempted from that judgment, as many of them were forced to join the organization by German authorities. Basic Background The origins of the Waffen SS (Armed SS) can be traced back to the creation of a select group of 200 men… Read More

Unity Mitford, the English Girl who loved Hitler

Unity Mitford, the English Girl who loved Hitler If you read this story in a Harlequin Romance, you probably wouldn’t believe it. But, like the saga of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, most of this story is true. It’s just that whatever happened after November 8, 1939 is shrouded in mystery. Her name was Unity, and she was born August 8, 1914, about a week after her future boyfriend, one in a cheering throng of Germans, had his photograph taken at the Odeonplatz in Munich. She was the fifth child of David Freeman-Mitford, later Lord Redesdale, and Sydney Bowles, the daughter of a British publisher. (Editor’s Comment: I’ve seen the… Read More


Image via Wikipedia As soon as one turns to the topic of the “extermination of the Jews”, one finds that fragments of speeches made by the leading political figures of the Third Reich, in particular, Hitler and Himmler, are frequently cited as evidence. The rather strong language used with regard to the Jews in certain passages of these speeches is simply taken at face value, and, therefore, assumes an importance it really does not deserve. Often such passages are taken out of context, and their significance in relation to the whole text ignored. That has also been done with spoken and written statements the German leaders of the period made on… Read More

Martin Bormann: Hitler’s henchman

Telegram sent from the Führer bunker 15:15 on May 1, 1945 GRAND ADMIRAL DÖNITZ — Most secret — urgent — officer only The Führer died yesterday at 15:30 hours. Testament of April 29th appoints you as Reich President, Reich Minister Dr. Göbbels as Reich Chancellor, Reichsleiter Bormann as Party Minister, Reich Minister Seyss-Inquart as Foreign Minister. By order of the Führer, the Testament has been sent out of Berlin to you, to Field-Marshal Schörner, and for preservation and publication. Reichsleiter Bormann intends to go to you today and to inform you of the situation. Time and form of announcement to the Press and to the troops is left to you. Confirm… Read More

2006: Illuminati Used Appeasement to Trick Hitler 29, 2006 by Henry Makow Ph.D.   In Dec. 1942 Heinrich Mueller, Chief of the Gestapo, rolled up the Soviet spy network in mainland Europe and secured a list of Soviet agents and informantsin Englandthat reads like a”who’s who” of the British establishment and lifts the veil from modern history. Soviet spies include Edward Wood, Lord Halifax, Neville Chamberlain‘s Foreign Secretary and an architect of the “Appeasement” policy. Appeasement encouraged Hitler to thinkEngland wanted him to expand eastward against theSoviet Union. In fact, Halifax was working indirectly for the Communists. Appeasement was designed to trap Hitler in a two-front war which would level Germany (and Europe) and kill sixty million… Read More

How World War II Came About

the Photo shows a young German girl using German currency as fuel in the family’s furnace, such was the value of German money after the “bankers” had run the German economy into the ground and intentionally bankrupted the nation. Americans have had very little sympathy for the Germans historically, but this soon will change. HITLER: Forced into war against his wishes because “the German nation is a threat to us Jews”How World War II Came AboutKenneth McKilliam distills fact from fiction THE POWERS that emerged victorious from World War I made a second war almost inevitable by the peace conditions they imposed upon Germany. That second war was later made certain,… Read More