If I write the following is fiction do I get libel protection?

I swear I am in the Australian equivalent of MK ULTRA. The thing is, I don’t
really care. I’m beyond caring these days.

The beginning is a good place to start, so that’s where I’ll begin.

When I was 6 years old I was capable of advanced mathematics, well beyond my
age range and indicative of giftedness, but I wasn’t doing anything amazing
like calculus at that age. Just think the standard four operations,
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I was capable of doing
this with large numbers, so instead of your simple 4×2 or 11-7, I could do
3869×1942 and 83558-35982 and get the answers right. I was not as awesome at
division as I was the rest of it. Division is hard!

My dad was ex army. He was a Cold War era conscript/National Serviceman.
This was well before I came along. My grandfather was an undercover military
police investigator. I don’t know what that means exactly, but he wasn’t an
MP. He might have been working in a unit similar to the KGB in structure. He
did it in WW2. So I have a family history of militarism.

Anyway, my teacher at the time, let’s call her Mrs. B, was so impressed with
my mathematical abilities she took my work book, with some pride, to the
staff room to show me off. I got to come also to the staff room at a later
request to amaze the teachers with my mathematical prowess. It’s odd really,
because I’m more of the creative type rather than the structured type, so I
never considered myself ‘good’ at maths even though I was beyond everyone
else in my class (and others above me). It’s just that I could do basic
operations and understand them easily and was a fast learner.

The year before this happened, I had a teacher, lets call her Miss C, who
thought I was gifted and pushed for me to get psychometric testing to
determine my abilities. They didn’t seem to think I was anything special at
the time.

Anyway, after my mathematics feat, and getting visits from people at school
who were not introduced to me but were interested in my in a way that was
not casual, that is they seemed very blunt, straight to the point and
analytical, I got to visit an army base near where I lived. My dad went off
and did some talking, and I did some brief hello’s and was introduced to
some high ranking brass.

If you’re getting excited about tales of being locked in a cage and
electroshock don’t be, there are none here. It was extremely bland.

Shortly after this happened my parents got divorced, and my dad ended up
moving adjacent to a military base. The idea was for my sister and I to be
at one parents house on week, the other parents house the next week.

When we moved in, there were three women who arrived a few days later and
set up in the dining room a sort of display case. It was your standard glass
cabinet in which to display decorative plates, spoons and such. They set it
up in our house and showed us various arrangements and said this arrangement
means this and this arrangement means that. I don’t remember the intricacies
of it, it was over 15 years ago. After they showed us they disassembled the
display and left. There were three families in our tiny street who were
military families with the parents as serving members, and we were to go to
the house at the end of the street as required when instructed, where in
that house they had an identical set up to the decorative display unit and
the arrangements were to convey a message of some description.

It was pretty boring stuff like if the objects were arranged in x way that
there was going to be training of y type soon, if the arrangements were of z
type then there was a risk of war etc. There were bizarre ones also such as
ones with the meaning of ‘merry Christmas’. I do not recall ever having to
go and see any of it so it was probably not deemed important, but that’s one
way of covert communication I guess.

There was a lot of education done under hypnosis which is hard to recall. By
education I mean similar to what has already been discussed. There was no
real military training or anything like that, though a few times we, as
children, were allowed on the base to observe training exercises. The type
of education we received was basic, along the lines of country a is
considered hostile, country b is considered friendly, and country c is
considered as a potential threat etc. It was weird stuff to put a child
through. But not bizarre. I suppose you could consider it to be a type of
low level brainwashing. We were highly encouraged to join the military.

Anyhow, nothing happened for a while, until we got a visit from someone who
was introduced as the doctor. There was no exchange of names, but he already
knew mine. He was a programmer, pure and simple. This was probably two
months after we started living there. He was a hypnotist. I remember the
first few times he came over it was just hypnotic stuff. He worked on my
sister also but I don’t know what they did with her. I assume it was just
standard protocol to go to work on her as they would the entire family. I
can remember sprays being used that had effects on your mood. I think they
were pheromone sprays, though I am not entirely sure. What they would do is
spray something near your face and say associate this feeling with the word
red, and wait a while for it to disperse and spray another near your face
and say associate this feeling with the word blue. They would then bring you
out of trance and say red or blue trying to invoke the same feelings the
sprays had, but it didn’t work. There was no effect. They would then try and
change the way you reacted to the sprays by trying to get you to react in
the red way to the blue spray, and try and get you to react in the blue way
to the red spray. That didn’t work either. I think it is akin to using
marijuana and amphetamines, and trying to get you to react to marijuana in
the way amphetamines work on you, and the way amphetamines work on you in
the way marijuana does. It is obviously not going to work as they are
chemicals that work in certain ways and not tricks of the mind. That’s my
conclusion on it anyway. I doubt what they were doing what it appeared they
were, perhaps they were trying to maintain secrecy and were observing me for
reactions to the stimuli. I don’t think I was the first one they had tried
this on and were actually just using it as a cover so as not to let anyone
figure out what their true intentions were. I came to this conclusion after
once reacting to a spray and having the doctor exclaim with laughter to his
cohort, “See, we didn’t have to do anything anyway!”. So I am fairly sure it
was not as it appeared and they were just trying to gauge reaction and
effects of these chemicals on myself.

I do remember one time my dad told me they (the doctor) were coming over and
he was going to prepare me for it. He taught me how to fake being
hypnotised. The doctor and his cohort arrived and proceeded to try and put
me in to a trance. I did as my dad instructed and proceeded to fake being
hypnotised. He was also squeezing my shoulder rather hard but in secret so
as to try and keep me alert. As a small child around the age of seven, this
was a very harrowing experience for me. I was in a situation I did not
understand, and was rather scared. After faking the hypnosis for a while,
about 40 seconds or so, I broke down in tears and turned to my dad, crying,
and said, I’m scared. He got banished from the room after that and they went
to work on me. I remember developing some false bravado and trying to relate
to the doctor and his cohort as friends, and having the reply of “Who
cares?” to what they were doing when they explained what was going to
happen (they never did clearly) to which they laughed slightly and seemed
pleased and relaxed and were like, “Yeah, who cares!” to more laughter. I
then started crying again. They asked why I was crying and I said I was
scared. They asked me about the whole ‘who cares’ incident and I said I was
trying to be tough, as when I was at preschool there was this girl who would
always say it and I remember the way it made me feel, like she was tough and
could care less and was a very confident and capable individual. They
surprisingly showed some humanity at this point and softened a bit and
allowed me to compose myself, but they still went ahead with the hypnosis

This would happen a few times over the next few weeks.

It was after all this initial hypnosis was done that the sexual abuse

One day the doctor came over with four other people, instead of the usual
one. One of them was a man in a military uniform.

It was just my father and I at home.

I was asked various odd questions but the one that seems most relevant and
sticks out the most is, “Where is the happiest place on earth?”. All kids
know this one, the answer is Disneyland! I told them Disneyland with a fair
amount of enthusiasm. I had no idea what was going to happen I thought I
might be getting a holiday for the scary treatment I had been forced to
endure. When I said Disneyland the doctor and his usual cohort turned to
each other and laughed to themselves and said, “They always say Disneyland!”

They set up a video camera on a tripod in the living room.

I was told they had a teleporter and were going to send me to Disneyland.
All I had to do was take my clothes off, stand up and make a pose like a
bunny rabbit. I did as I was told and was then told to close my eyes.

I then felt the most excruciating pain in my behind and was trying to scream
but all I could do was hyperventilate. My face was covered in sweat. The
doctor then appeared in front of me and said “Go to the happiest place on
earth. Go to the happiest place on earth!” I replied, “How?” and he just
said I would figure it out. Next thing I dissociated and I thought I was in
Disneyland. I was leaping around the room and the doctors cohort turned in
to one of the characters from Disneyland, one of the people in suits. He was
not wearing a Disneyland suit I was just dissociating. This happened again
later and I kept dissociating to escape the pain and shock of it all, but I
wasn’t going to Disneyland. I was dropping through different personalities
which I now assume had been put in with the earlier hypnotic sessions. They
would appear as I would disappear and there were a few. I can remember one
called Sarah and one called Steve but the others I do not recall their
names. It’s hard to explain what those situations are like, when you are
switching through different people. It’s sort of like you are watching
yourself partake in actions but you have no control, it is separate from

I remember they then had my father rape me on tape that I assume was to be
used against him if necessary or to hold it against him, and maybe to ensure
his silence. This happened on more than one occasion, with my father raping
me and the Disneyland game.

I know my sister played the teleport to Disneyland game because I observed
it once, but I don’t know what else they did to her, or if they took the
same kind of interest in her as they did in me.

I remember the last time it happened with the doctor present I was
instructed to take the pain. I recall thinking to myself that I must be a
horrible person to have to go through this, and that God was punishing me
for something. Eventually the pain subsides, or gets less intense, and you
become accustomed to it. I was just there, in my bunny rabbit position
waiting for it to end. After a few minutes I involuntarily tilted my head to
the side in a submissive gesture, exposing the side of my neck, and would
roll my head on my neck in small circles to make my submission more obvious,
(this was all an involuntary action and I assume instinct took over), and
would make a submissive noise sort of like rurr rurr rurr rurr whilst I was
doing it. The doctor was very happy with this development and started
talking to me about how my mind was now separate from my body and how I
could now think and control my mind whilst my body was acting against my
will and out of pure instinct. It was a weird feeling being separate from
your body I’ll tell you that.

When the doctor was done with me I was introduced to what I assume can be
termed as a handler. She was a woman. She had various names, so I’m not sure
which is her real name. She got to know me but I never really got to know
her. I would call her my Auntie. She told me one day, that when I was older,
I would work for ASIS, which is the Australian Secret Intelligence Service,
akin to the CIA or MI6/SIS. She wouldn’t tell me who she worked for. The
rape didn’t stop there it continued. With a strap on. She once bragged
(although I think she was instructed to do so, as it made no sense) that she
was a pedophile and loved her job because she got to fuck kids. I don’t know
what the purpose of sodomising children is, but it must serve some kind of
purpose for them to use a woman to do it with a strap on who is obviously
not getting any form of gratification out of it, unless she was just a

She would come to the house every now and then. She seemed very keen about
my future employment and told me never to tell anyone. I never did. Children
under 10 wouldn’t understand that sort of stuff, so there was no point in
introducing it to the playground gossip, and it would just be dismissed as
hogwash by anyone of an older age. I also really wanted to please and get
the job at the time. It doesn’t make sense why anyone would want to work for
people like that, but I wanted the job, at a very tender age. I didn’t
really see her frequently at all, she seemed rather busy. When she did see
me it was to see if I had any useful information to provide her, sort of
like a ‘Big Brother’ and informant relationship, though occasionally she
would rape me. I wouldn’t class her as a programmer.

We got new neighbours when I was about 10 and there was a boy living there
who was a year or so older than me. We weren’t really friends but we would
hang out every now and then. His father was in the Spanish navy, and he was
always keen to promote Spain as being a better country than Australia. The
next time I saw my ‘Auntie’ (the handler) I relayed this information to her.
She wasn’t impressed and due to what I guess was the sensitivity of my
situation at the time, she became rather paranoid and thought he was a mole
or a foreign agent assigned to me. She thought I was ‘burnt’. He was just a
kid my age I pointed out to her, but she was very touchy on the subject and
said kids can be spies too and if I didn’t believe it to take a look at
myself. That was the first time it was ever put to me that I might be some
kind of agent. Looking at it now I just felt like I was some kind of
informant to the secret police and it makes me feel dirty.

Anyway, my Auntie came to meet this kid and brought with her her strap-on
and two male colleagues. She went to work on this kid and I saw part of it
happen. I don’t know what else they did to him but they took a long time,
and he seemed to be in one piece. I assumed he got programmed to some

After she was finished she was leaving and told me she had no time to chat,
not even a five minute hello how are you. I didn’t really like the kid who
this happened to and was slightly happy about what had happened as I knew
how horrible it all was. She was taken aback by my attitude and told me I
can’t work for ASIS anymore, but that I can join the army. She told me I
could be in the SAS and she could make it happen. I asked why and she just
said I wasn’t suitable. I think she might have thought I was a sadist, which
makes sense, as I was getting pleasure from the pain of others. I pretended
it was water off a ducks back and shrugged it off but later when I was alone
I cried about it thinking that all the horrors I had been through were for
nothing and that I was worthless. Please let it be noted that I do not and
have not ever had a career within the government or military sector.

I have a lot more to write and I will get to it later, if anyone is
interested in any of this.

There’s plenty more I can write if anyone is interested. I just stopped
because it takes a lot out of me to write all that and is kind of draining.

I want to get it out anyway.

I am still being toyed with to this day.

There is no point going to law enforcement with this because when I tried to
tell the Australian Federal Police (AFP) they demanded I get a mental health
assessment. It does sound rather fanciful when you go over it, but I assure
you it’s all true.

I would say I was definitely a passive person in the sense I am very relaxed
and not aggressive in the slightest. I have a lot more to write and I will
get to it when I can. Give it a day or two. I felt I had to write this as a
form of therapy and just to see what other people thought of my situation.
My most recent experience that I can recall regarding any of this was
probably six months ago. What I have written so far happened over 15 years

Ok so where were we…

I was told I was no longer suitable for the role they had planned for me,
but it appears they took some kind of interest in me and my future, still.

After this I was supposed to be militarised. My father was supposed to give
me some kind of basic training. He didn’t know what to do by that, but
taught me very simple, basic things, such as how to clean, load and operate
a firearm. We never had guns in the house that were designed for such a
task. I recall we had a semi-automatic .22, a pump action shotgun, a .22
pistol and an air rifle as the guns in the house, as well as a crossbow as a
non-firearm. This would change later to more and different types of firearm,
but we never kept anything in the house that would be regarded as being
capable of an engagement. I learnt basic techniques off him such as
camouflage, concealment, break contact, and how to shoot. Nothing was that
good, though it was pretty interesting stuff to learn, and I am sure that
the most basic trained infantry soldier would have had far superior training
to what I received, it was nothing intense or particularly useful, it was
just a basic grounding. He did teach me how to make silencers though and
where to place explosives on a building.

My auntie did come back on more than one occasion to see how I was doing.
She taught me hand-to-hand on a couple of occasions. It was quick, simple,
and brutal techniques that I have no doubt would work highly effectively.
They were very easy to learn, and could be done so in a matter of hours,
rather than in a matter of months or years as would be expected if you were
doing a real martial art such as boxing, tae kwon do or judo.

The stuff worked, or it would appear to have done so, but to this day I’ve
never used it. It involved integrating body language techniques and
psychology in to fighting techniques. Sort of like using your opponents
basic instinct against them. I doubt it would work on a highly skilled
opponent though.

I rarely saw her after this, but she did turn up every now and then to check
up on me.

I was around age eight by this time.

It was also around this time that we (my father andI) highly conveniently (I
do not think it was coincidence), became acquainted with a fellow we will
call Mr. H. Mr. H was an industrial chemist, the kind that manufactures and
mixed chemicals to make an item. He worked for a company that made cleaning
chemicals, but in his spare time he would manufacture explosives. He had the
knowledge, experience and equipment to make real explosives, of ‘fireworks’,
of a commercial standard, not what your backyard terrorist would make for
his suicide vest. He had the ability to manufacture high commercial
explosives such as Semtex, C4, TNT etc. And he did.

He was part of an underground organisation that comprised people who
considered it their duty to form a resistance network in the event that
Australia got invaded by a hostile country, or the government turned hostile
towards the population. They felt it was their duty to fight back if
anything happened where they felt they could make a difference for good, or
a perceived good. My dad was of the opinion that they just liked to run
around in the bush, playing with guns and playing soldier, and was not
convinced they would actually do anything if the time came for them to do

They had access to…. everything. They had machine guns, rockets and
launchers, explosives (some were made by Mr. H, some were commercial), and
pretty much anything a militia/resistance group would need as well as
camouflage uniforms and the like. They used to train in the bush. They even
made their own training videos. I had viewed them on a few occasions. They
were a real eye opener. A lot of the members of this organisation were
ex-military, a lot were not. A good percentage of them had real combat
experience also, from such conflicts as the Vietnam War. They were
organised, trained and equipped. They were an extremely well organised
guerrilla/resistance group.

We met other people through this organisation, who were also members of it.
One time my dad surprised me when I was aged about 11 with a hastily planned
fishing trip. He just said we had to go. When we got to the fishing place,
there was one other person there fishing. It was a man and he appeared to be
in his 50’s or so. We got talking and he had the same interests as me,
though I feel my interests were programmed. He and I got talking, with my
dad listening in. My dad later went to wait in the car. He appeared to be a
sleeper or part of a group which was entirely independent. I realise how
naïve this attitude is now that I have had time to reflect on things. I was
still receiving sporadic contact with my auntie (and others) who at least
claimed to be government affiliated, and they wanted me to be militarised,
and then we encounter these kinds of people. I am assuming most of my life
was orchestrated.

We got talking, this gentleman and I. He would go on about how it was
imperative to keep firearms and ammunition in the house, know how to use
them, and know soldiering techniques. He was concerned about an invasion
from Australia’s neighbour to the north, that being Indonesia, and how
people had to be prepared in case of an invasion. He was very enthusiastic
and serious when discussing this topic. He later revealed he was a Vietnam
veteran. He got in to a discussion about how in the first Gulf War of 1991
he had his children stripping and putting back together rifles, blindfolded,
and were ready to ‘head for the hills’ if anything happened. He explained
how he trained his children up in to soldiers. He told us he had M16’s and
FN FAL’s. We also later learnt that he knew Mr. H, so I am assuming that
this meeting was choreographed. We went fishing with him a few times after
that. The fishing spot was not far from our house.

He was actually a surprisingly good fisherman.

Not long after this Mr. H would commit suicide. It turned out he was
involved in a paedophile network involving low order politics and business,
and knew he was about to go down as associates of his involved in the same
thing got arrested. It would seem as though he did not want to face the heat
and shame, so he shot himself. I do not explicitly recall him doing anything
to me, though there could be a memory repressed there somewhere waiting to

The more you think about it the less surprising it is, the fact that the one
we had first contact with was a paedophile.

We later encountered another person who was in this organisation, and
relayed the information to him that Mr. H was a paedophile and had killed

His immediate reply, with an angry face full of suspicion was, “Who are his
mates? Who were his mates?” It seemed he was not happy with this development
and definitely did not want to be associating with people of that nature,
which on the surface would appear to be a fantastic development.

I don’t know how it happened, but I was militarised. I was convinced that
one day Australia would be invaded and it was my duty to ‘activate’ in the
event that this happened. It would have been really weird to hear such
topics coming out of the mouth of a kid, things like how everyone needs to
have a gun in case the government goes bad, or the Indonesians invade or
whatever else have you. I also developed an interest in joining the army. It
was bizarre. It felt completely normal to me. My dad taught me the parts of
a building to place explosives on to level the building. He also taught me
guerrilla tactics. It was very, very bizarre. He was also at a loss to
explain where he learnt these things.

My auntie would check up on me from time to time, but I didn’t see her for
quite a number of months. Her involvement was now minimal and it appeared
that I had been shunted off elsewhere as she no longer had a use for me, but
did not want to waste the time and effort already spent on me.

The next time I would recall seeing her was when I was aged 11 or 12. I may
have seen her earlier than this but seeing someone in a hypnotic/programming
state is hard to recall.

I had just won a scholarship based on my academic performance to a
prestigious school. She came to see me at school under the guise of being
from some department. She told me she was very happy with how I was doing
and was pretty conversational. She asked me if I remembered her and I said
no, though I did remember her, I just wasn’t sure if it was her or someone
who looked similar. I also could not understand why she would be visiting me
at school, so I initially just brushed it off as a look-a-like character. I
still maintained I did not know her. We were alone. She said “Ok.” and left
after about five minutes of conversation.

High school was pretty uneventful in regards to any kind of odd happenings.
It appeared they took minimal interest in me after I started high school. I
was probably doing well with my suspiciousness of big business, the
government, the Indonesian invasion, right to bear arms and militarism. I
was the perfect program. This is how I was, after previously being a very
soft child who would cry when someone killed an insect or finding a dead
animal. They turned me in to something completely at odds with my
personality make up.

I remember it happening once more when I was 15. There was a helicopter
buzzing outside our place with searchlights aimed at our residence, and
people came in to our house, there were probably 8 of them. I was spoken to
in a sleepy stupor by a small group of them. There was one talking to me,
there were two others in my room and there were two at my door. The others
were in my fathers room. I do not recall the content of the conversation.

The next day our neighbours asked us if we knew what happened last night
with the helicopter and the search lights, and we said we had no
recollection. We honestly didn’t. The neighbours were shocked as apparently
it was really loud and the searchlights were really bright. We did end up
remembering later that day and out of fear never spoke of it again. It is
really scary when stuff like this happens to you, you don’t know why it is
happening, and you don’t know when it will happen again or what will happen.
You learn to block a lot of it out.

My father died when I was 16. Shortly after, it started again. I was in bed
one night at approximately 3am when I woke up to three people in my bedroom
talking to me in my sleep. I asked them who they were, if they were robbers
etc. I was told yes, they are robbers. Bizarre as I cannot understand
robbers wanting to talk to someone in their sleep. The one who did the
talking looked a lot like the ‘doctor’ from when I was much younger. They
told me to go back to sleep. I said no. I was told again to go back to
sleep. I said nothing and just sat up in bed. The one who looked like the
‘doctor’ then pulled a pistol from his belt, in a very quick movement,
extended his arm and had the gun pointed straight at me. I recoiled in
terror and was back down on my pillow. I pretended as best I could to be
asleep. I wasn’t asleep, I was too scared to be asleep. The one with the
pistol, who looked like the ‘doctor’, told one of his companions to check I
was asleep. He proceeded to squeeze my ear rather hard. I could feel it but
I could not feel pain, I was too focussed on pretending to be asleep. I had
a thought that if I didn’t react they would know I was faking it, so I
pretended to wake up and I was like “What?” and then the doctor look-a-like
did the same movement with the pistol and I was back on the pillow with my
eyes closed in a state of total fear and submission. They then waited a
minute or so and proceeded to talk to me in my sleep again. I was really
tired and I really enjoy the sensation of sleep, so I allowed myself to
drift off after about 30 seconds, bored with pretending to be asleep and
wanting real rest. I know that was a really stupid thing to do as if I had
of stayed awake I might have been able to consciously process what they were
saying and got further hints and clues as to what exactly was going on with
my life. Unfortunately whatever else they had to say was given to me in a
state of sleep, which much like when in a state of hypnosis, is nigh on
impossible to recall. I woke up as they were finishing, and smiled and said
bye. The ‘doctor’ fellow got irate at this, possibly assuming that I was
awake the whole time. They exited through the window.

When I was 17 I went to join the army. I scored almost perfectly on their
written/IQ test and passed the psych examination. They were pretty impressed
with me. They told me to come back in six months with more life experience
and to apply as an officer or for special forces. I was going for a gruntish
job which they said I was not suitable for.

I ended up scoring a dream job within a month after that happened. It was a
really pleasant job. I worked with people who were ex military, some of them
high ranking. One person who I worked with was a reservist special forces
candidate. So he was in the army, but part time. I didn’t anticipate this as
being choreographed, at this stage in my life I assumed none of it was
choreographed, it was just a normal life.

After starting there, on my way home I would regularly encounter the
commanding officer of the unit I originally applied to join. If he wasn’t
the CO he was someone with some standing in that unit as he had the rank
slides. He would have been a very, very long way from base. The location
where his unit was based was over a thousand kilometres away. Upon seeing
him I would get hit with pangs of emotion, mild not severe, I would maintain
composure, as I was seeing someone who was doing what I wanted to do, yet
was not suitable for. I was kind of awe struck. Once I approached him whilst
he was waiting for public transport also, and said hi, and that I applied to
join the unit he was in. I knew it was the unit he was in because of the
colour of his beret. He just smiled and said nothing, so I walked away. I
did see him a few times after this in the same area.

I stayed with this job for about a year, and then got another job in close
proximity to the one I was at. I met a guy there who claimed to be ex-SAS
with experience in recent overseas conflicts. He started just as I applied
for the job, and was there a month or so before I started. He was very
encouraging of me to join the army. We struck up a friendship.

I recall one day whilst working at that job on my way home in the train a
lady got on my train who looked very similar to my ‘auntie’ I wasn’t sure if
it was her or not, if it was she had gained a substantial amount of weight.
She had a travel pack on as if she was going to the airport. Something
seemed not right about this though – her bag had no airline tags on it, as
it would if she was really travelling somewhere. She got on at a station
that was very close to the airport. For some reason she just piqued my
interest and I was interested in observing her and what she was up to. She
kept her eyes down the whole trip to the airport, which was not very far,
and not very normal for someone who was about to go to the airport on a
holiday. She tried to make herself invisible. She did get off at the airport
and I made sure to observe her and what she was up to. When she got off at
the airport station, she did not make a move to enter the airport, she stood
on the platform. I am certain she had no idea I was observing her at this
time. It was just another odd thing to see. For starters she got on at a
station very close to the airport, where she could easily have got a taxi to
the airport from there and saved money, as the airport tickets are very
expensive, the station she got on at was not a connecting station, so she
didn’t change trains to get there, she had no travel tags on her luggage,
and when she got off the train she made no move to go to the airport, she
just stood on the platform. It was very odd. What was even stranger was I
saw this lady again a week or so later, and I know it was her due to me
being compelled to observe her the week before. The memory of her was still
fresh in my mind. This time she got on at the same station, and rode well
past the airport, in my carriage. She again had her eyes kept low and was
trying to be invisible. Unfortunately for her though, it was pretty much an
empty carriage, just her and I. After seeing her again and recognising who
she was, I got a bit agitated, and tried to generate eye contact with her.
She maintained her gaze at the floor, her gaze was so low her eyes looked
almost closed.

I thought something did not seem right here, and proceeded to change
carriages. As soon as I stood up, which I tried to do silently, her eyes
became visible and she made direct eye contact with me. After I caught her
making this mistake she got panicked and then proceeded to act as if nothing
was going on and tried to act normal, glancing around the carriage and
trying to act casual. Unfortunately for her, she was acting too casual for
it to appear casual, and I had recognised her from previously. I went in to
the carriage behind from where I was and had a change of clothes in my bad,
which I changed in to. Looking back at it, that appears rather paranoid but
I was rather cagey as I felt I had a tail of some sort, and I was not sure

Feeling that things were too odd, with far too many coincidences, I left
this job a short time later, wanting some peace and quiet. Things quietened
down a fair bit after this, for about a year (that I am aware of, things
could have been taking place without my awareness, such as more hypnotic
programming etc).

There are a lot of small things I have left out, that only make sense to me,
they would be too small for the casual reader to grasp, but the basis of the
story has been included here.

At this point I was starting to become aware that my life is choreographed
and I might be a small part of something much larger.
Ok so I left that job.

I got a few odd jobs around the place, things like factory work,
construction labour, sales, waterfront work.

I was just coasting through life not really committing to anything as I had
plans to reapply to the military in the capacity they wanted me.

I did end up reapplying as a special forces candidate, worked on getting fit
for a few months and then headed off for my interview.

On the day of my interview, something straight of the MK ULTRA handbook
happened to me. I was drugged. I was pulled aside by my ‘auntie’ and offered
something to drink as it was ‘such a hot day’. I still did not recognise who
she was. This was just outside the recruiting centre. I initially refused
the offer. She was rather persistent. She was with two other males in the
immediate vicinity of where she was and there was likely to be others
elsewhere. I ended up having a glass of water that had an odd taste to it. I
was told it was mineral water. It wasn’t mineral water. It was water with
amphetamines infused in to it. I would now recognise that taste anywhere as
I had a sip of a friends water and asked why she drank mineral water. She
told me she had mixed some amphetamines in to it. After she told me that,
that information clicked in to place and increased my awareness of the
situation I was in. It was around this time that I started piecing things

So I was under the influence of amphetamines at the recruiting centre. In
hindsight, it perfectly explains my behaviour at the centre. I was very
confident and fearless.

I did a psych test whilst I was there, and got through it okay. There were
no medical tests such as drug testing, so I cannot be 100% sure that I had a
high dose of amphetamines in my system, but I am pretty confident that was
what it was based off the taste and the effects.

Various things happened which are interesting, but don’t really have
anything to add to my situation. Of course, it was likely all orchestrated
and choreographed prior and was another ‘dance’. Some of it was what I can
assume to be scenario, not written, but practical psych examinations that
were conducted without me supposed to realise that they were tests. People
just don’t act like that for fun. At one stage I was naked. That was
humiliating as I have had at some points in my life severe body image
issues. At another stage I felt threatened by a group of people,
approximately 8 or so of them, and I pulled a knife that I had in my pocket.
At another stage I was on the floor with a woman giving her a cuddle. At
another stage I had given my knife away and was in a situation I perceived
to be threatening where I did some strikes to the neck of a military staff
member and tripped his legs up putting him on the ground. They were using
sprays which were disclosed later as being pheromone sprays, which is why I
assume the sprays I got hit with when I was a child, at the beginning of my
programming, were also pheremone sprays. They told me I was homosexual,
which was news to me as I had always been attracted to women. They were
adamant that I was gay. They had other sprays. Some which made you
aggressive, some which made you protective, some which made you horny, some
that made you want to be physically affectionate and want to bond with
others. They had a whole variety.

Anyway, at the end of these ordeals, I left the building and went and sat
outside. I was kind of in love with someone who worked there, but I blame
the sprays. As I was sitting down outside I got overwhelmed with grief and
sadness, and just started crying. I was really intense, I was totally
overcome with various emotions. Mainly I thought I had fucked up again due
to my antics in the centre. But I was also missing the girl. She was
watching me through a second story window and eventually came back out. She
came and sat with me and we had a chat, though I don’t recall the specifics
of it except that I told her I felt she was not safe and that I wanted to
protect her. It was awkward. There was a lot of programming involved whilst
I was there. I don’t know if they were all cleared to do it, however there
was an officer present so I can hope and assume it was all above board.

Eventually, who would appear again, but my ‘auntie’. She was trying to drag
me away and I wanted to stay seated. Again, I was not sure of who she was,
but I had some recollection.

The recruiting staff saw it through the window and raced down to see what
was going on. I introduced the lady as my ‘auntie’. They then assumed she
was there to take me home. I then told them I hadn’t met her before. All
hell broke loose after that.

She ended up leaving and I ended up back in the recruiting centre. I
delivered various pre-programmed messages whilst in there, put in there by
my dad and some of his associates. Some of the messages related to revealing
the extent of what I had been through my entire life. I was mind fucked
though. My dad had a friend who discovered the extent of what I had been
through and where I was destined to end up and got incredibly jealous. He
was involved in low level Masonry. He proceeded to give me the ultimate mind
fuck. Hypnotically induced hallucinations, anxieties, false memories and
false beliefs. I was hypnotically programmed to have symptoms of various
mental illnesses. This was put in about three years before I went to the
recruiting centre.

So after delivering a blow-by-blow account of my life and programming, such
nonsense would appear such as conspiracy theories that were obviously not
plausible and false memories that were obviously impossible to be accurate.
He was involved in organised crime and drug manufacture and trafficking, I
don’t know how he isn’t in jail.

He helped destroy my life and my future. I still delivered all the messages.

What can I say, some people treated me as a toy to be used for their own
benefit and amusement, due to their anti Western stances and jealousy and

I ended up leaving the building after a while and returned home, with most
of the day a hazy memory. I had been through a lot. There was also a lot I
really didn’t want to remember. I am good at dissociating and forgetting
things I don’t want to remember. I don’t recall seeing my ‘auntie’ again
after that for a good few months, about five or six.

I ended up getting a job in construction shortly after the events of that
day. I got a phone call about a week after I my visit to the centre, asking
when I was coming back. I said I didn’t want to come back as I wasn’t fit
enough. I got a couple of more phone calls later and told them I was working
and had a job now and wasn’t prepared for the army, as I still wasn’t fit
enough. With the job I had I got offered to be on staff.

I would later find out that a good number of the people I was now working
with were involved in Masonry. They hated the government, hated the army,
and some of them were even communist. And they certainly did not like the
fact I was pro-American and wanting to join the army at some later stage in
my life.

Once again I got mind fucked. I was placed in a mental prison and told I had
to have a sex change, or they would kill me. I was also ordered to kill a
family member by them. None of that happened, and I am still alive.

I think it should be noted that I do not watch much TV and am not in to pop
culture such as TV shows, celebrity gossip, modern/current music and movies.
They (the people from work) did drug me on more than one occasion with heavy
drugs such as methylamphetamine and MDMA. I know this happened. I was once
again a Masonic toy.

Now, the relevance of me not being in to pop culture will become relevant
here. I was at home after work one day, and the MTV music awards was on TV,
and I was watching it. This is a show that would never have piqued my
interest, in fact, I can never recall watching the show prior or after the
event. After the ad breaks, when there was a return to the show, there would
be an animated all seeing eye symbol in the bottom right corner of the
screen. When I first saw it my mood and focus changed immensely. I felt
tranced out. I attributed it to post-hypnotic suggestion put in by the
people I was working with. I came to this conclusion because I would never
normally watch such a show and that I had recently had run ins with people
who identify as either being a part of or having good friends within
Masonry. I also had the thought cross my mind that Australia was being
invaded by Masonic elements and that I had to do something. I hence decided
to ‘activate’. I was preparing to wage an individual war. I was going to go
to the bush, arm up, and wage a one man war focused on Masonry and people I
knew who were associated with Masonry. I had all this knowledge materialise
in my mind about tactics, technology, where to get weaponry and how to
undertake my crusade. Maybe it was inserted a long time ago as part of my
mind control or training. Either way all this relevant information surfaced,
which when analysed was workable. It was also slightly personal as I felt
Masonry had put me in this situation.

I didn’t get far. I was picked up in my own street, not far from my house,
by the police. There were three people in the car. There were two armed and
uniformed men, and one in plainclothes and unarmed. I doubt he was a police
officer. He seemed to have an uncanny resemblance to the ‘doctor’ (the
programmer). I was loaded in to the back of the police car, in a box sort of
thing, like a cage. I wasn’t happy and was bashing on the sides the whole
trip demanding to be let out. I believe it was due to my behavior, but I was
not taken to the police station to be booked, I was taken to the local
hospital for a mental health assessment. I was initially cleared of not
being under the influence of any drugs. Whilst there the ‘doctor’ (not the
hospital staff) would stand at the end of the bed I was on in the ED. He had
a fierce face on and did not seem happy. I got to talking to him. I remember
saying to him I didn’t want to work for him as they ‘kill people’. He said,
“We’re not like the Americans, we don’t kill people.” The police later told
me there was no one there and I was talking to no one. I did verify later
with a family member who was present when I was carted away by the police
that there was actually a plain clothed person with no firearm. So they were
trying to induce in my mind that I was hallucinating. He told me other
things too, such as “You passed the test.” “We’re trying to help you, don’t
talk.” He still didn’t seem very happy with me.

My ‘auntie’ even turned up after a little while. She had two rather fit
looking men with her. They stayed seated about 8 metres away. She came up to
me and said “We still own you.” in a voice I can only describe as haunted.
It didn’t sound paranormal, it was just scary the way she said it. She also
called me gay, as did the two men she was with. They were also laughing. I
think they were trying to trigger me to remembering what happened at the
recruiting centre.

She eventually left after a very short while. The ‘doctor’ came over to me
and asked who she was. I said she was my ‘auntie’. He asked me if I had met
her before. I was puzzled and said no. He then got irate and asked well how
could she be my auntie then. I was again confused.

I got admitted to hospital that day, and was put in a psych ward about a
week later. I ended up being diagnosed as having had a manic episode of
Bipolar disorder. I was placed on mood stabilisers and an antipsychotic.
After about a month I was discharged.

In the psych ward I was again given very simple hypnotic programming,
nothing like what I had experienced elsewhere.

I was also given another dose of evil (programming) but I don’t really need
to get in to it. It was either government sanctioned or it wasn’t, but it
occurred in a mental health facility so it might not have been. Don’t forget
the government are not the only people who make programs. You have the
Masons doing it as well, and mind control experiments started with the
psychiatric profession. The psychiatric profession is trying to set up their
own empire of sorts, based on mind control. They want everyone to have a
mental health condition where they can exert control over other people’s
lives. They have the power and authority in this country to have people held
against their will, have the police fetch people and deliver them to a
facility, and force people to receive treatment, often against their will.
And it was revealed not long ago that they want to make rape a mental
illness so a rapist is given to the psychiatric profession for ‘help’ and
‘treatment’. They appear to be trying to elevate themselves to a position
above the courts, prisons and judicial system in general. They also want to
make a toddler having a tantrum diagnosed as having temper dysphoria
disorder or something similar. They literally want to make normal behavior
mental illness, and certain crimes not crimes, but mental health disorders.
They are in the process of setting up an empire, very similar to how the
Masons do it, with basic mind control techniques. And it looks like they are
slowly getting there, to a position where they have immense power and
control over other people’s lives. Not only that, but they are setting
themselves up to become super rich. If everything is a psychiatric
condition, they will have clients till the cows come home and they will make
a lot of money. Take note there is no scientific proof of any mental
illness, but they can, will and do circumvent courts, detain people, and
have the police at their beck and call. They are trying to medicalise normal
behavior to advance their profession and generate more income.


I was both relieved and upset about my mental health diagnosis. You could
not join the Australian Defence Force with a mental health condition. I
wasn’t sure if I wanted to join in the first place when I got introspective
about the ordeal, or if I was just thinking that way to make myself feel

Shortly after there was a change of policy within Australian Defence Force
recruiting where they were now allowing people with mental health issues to
enlist. I don’t know how I felt after that. I was with a girl who had a
recent history of self harm. I self harmed for a little while too. There is
no way they will take a self harmer, I thought to myself, so then my
military non-career was totally jeopardised.

I had a few weeks off work and returned some time later. In my time off I
briefly associated with the person who made the amphetamines drink.

One night after visiting at their house, on my way home, as I was walking, I
was chased by a black car, at about midnight. It was swerving at me and in
appearance was trying to run me over. I doubt the driver was really trying
to run me over.

I had a freak out and decided, at about midnight, to return to hospital for
a mental health admission. I was told it was psychosis and not real. It was
real. I had witnesses to the car. They were rather dismissive of me.

I met the ‘Illuminati’ whilst I was in hospital. I don’t believe it really
exists, these people just call themselves as such. They were in to
neo-paganism, witchcraft, and programming. I got raped in there after
showing an interest in what they were doing. They have programming skills,
very similar to what the military do. There was hypnosis, there was anal
rape, there was trauma and fear. It was like revisiting my childhood all
over again, except much worse. It was aggressive, it seemed like it was
being done for the purpose of pure mind control and slavery, rather than
what the military does, which is build someone up.

I think it is all tied in with the psychiatric empire being built. And it’s
not speculation, hearsay or conspiracy. It is actually happening. Of course
you can’t mention it or you will just be dismissed as unbalanced or crazy.
They are trying to get ex-army and others to use as foot soldiers. Their
individual weapons are, believe it or not, cancer cells. They will inject
with cancer cells. They proved it to me by doing it to my dog. It died. They
said they can do covert cloning also.

After this I did not work for a few years, and returned to studying. Nothing
much happened that I can recall, though I do recall getting a visit from a
programmer to remove some programming I had undergone that was not
government sanctioned. So they still maintained contact with me.

I was giving serious though to defecting to the Russians at some point, as I
had started piecing together my life. And just wasn’t happy.

I did still love America though. It has a beautiful constitution.

Not long after pondering online about defecting to the Russians, I went for
a walk down the street. There was a car parked there full of people. There
were the two guys who visited me in hospital with my ‘auntie’, although I
can’t be sure as I am slightly short sighted. There was a woman in the
drivers seat who looked very similar to my ‘auntie’ though she was, in
appearance, much younger. And there was another gentleman in the front
passenger seat.

So I was walking down the street and I saw what appeared to be my dog. It
was virtually identical. In fact it was identical, but much younger. Same
distinctive markings, same size, same dog. Just younger. Maybe it was a

They were looking at me with shocked and surprised expressions as I went
down the street. I didn’t give them much attention.

Shortly after I moved home. I woke up one night with a man and a woman in my
bedroom. Another nocturnal visit. The woman had a RFID chip, which as you
might know is not a tiny thing, though it is quite small. She held it up
close to my eyes so I could see what it was, and then proceeded to stick it
up my nose. I don’t know what she was doing, she was just shoving it up
there, not trying to implant it. She eventually left with her cohort,
unsuccessful in chipping me, if that was her objective. I doubt it was. I
think her idea was to get me to report either to mental health what had
happened, or to the police, who would instantly refer me to mental health
for thinking there was a chip in my nose. So I couldn’t tell anyone as after
that I would have absolutely zero credibility. I did wake up with a bleeding
nose, however, it definitely was not a dream. I also got a CT scan of my
nose and sinuses by telling a doctor who I didn’t know that I was in a fight
and still had a sore nose. Nothing turned up on the CT scan.

I did eventually tell a psychiatrist about it, who decided upon that that I
had schizophrenia. So now I have absolutely zero credibility. I have no idea
why I would tell a psychiatrist that I felt someone stuck a microchip up my

That’s pretty much all the important stuff, except for about six months ago.

I got a visit, and I don’t know who from. The hypnosis must have been too
deep because I can’t reliably recall who it was. I woke up with an odd
feeling in my back, and found two small nodules on my back, under the skin.
They started dissolving after a week or so and getting smaller. My body
odour changed as this happened. I got some tests and discovered that my
estrogen levels were sky high. After a few weeks they totally dissolved and
eventually my body odour returned to normal. It was estrogen. I did some
research and found you can get pellets like that that are placed under the
skin for such things as hormone replacement therapy. They usually use one. I
had two and I assume they were extremely high strength. I don’t think the
reason they were placed there was for destroying my body and making me grow
breasts, because they are supposed to last nine months if you put them
somewhere like under the skin on your stomach. This is documented that I had
this. And there is no way I could have reached there and done it to myself.
I think they were placed there to make me feminised, submissive and
complacent by changing my brain structure, and therefore more likely to
conform to mind control and not subconsciously resist it. If I had to make a
guess at who it was, I would say it was the mental health cult, which
honestly does exist.

The profession that brought you lobotomies, MK ULTRA and human mind control
experiments, is at it again!

They are destroying people for their own gain, financial and otherwise, and
placing them under mind control. And it is real. Maybe they are working with
the government as I might have pissed them off at some stage and now they
are out to destroy me and need plausible deniability.

So anyway, I am left with no credibility.

I can’t realise my dream of joining the army.

I can’t discuss this with anyone as it sounds unbelievable and kooky.

And I will never be able to get off medication, as I have found out if you
stop taking the medication, you can have a rebound psychosis, and experience
a mental health condition. I suppose it is interesting to learn that if you
give a sane person antipsychotics without their knowledge, and then stop
them taking them, they will experience psychosis and you can get them
diagnosed as having a psychotic mental illness.

That’s enough for today, I think. That’s pretty much the story so far in
chronological order. I will fill in the bits and pieces, in
non-chronological order in my next post. Because I know there are plenty of
things I have left out. Highly relevant things.

Other bits and pieces I remember:

I remember at about age 7 or so, after this had all begun, that I was at my
fathers place wearing his old army webbing and camouflage fatigues that were
designed to be worn by someone my age.

I was filmed saying things such as “I want to kill people. I want to kill
the Japs (Japanese).” It wasn’t me doing it, it was like nothing I would
say, it was all under hypnosis. I wasn’t ever like that. I don’t know why
they needed this on tape. Maybe it was used as a surety as with the tapes of
my dad raping me, a way to blackmail him or have me removed from his care if

Around the same time I remember they came to our house with fold out tables.
One at a time we were to lay on these and receive electric shocks until we
submitted and dissociated. They were pretty intense. I remember not even
lasting a second, as soon as it was switched on I lost recollection of what
happened. I remember my dad being a fair bit tougher than I, a small child,
and holding out for a good deal of time before he dissociated.

I remember writing about some of this stuff online about 5 years ago and
having a black van pull up and park outside where I was living. When I
approached the van at about midnightish, it sped off down the street. So
there were obviously people in the van for a substantial amount of time.
Maybe it was a surveillance van? It was pretty obvious though, a black van
with tinted windows. Maybe they wanted me to think or realise I was being
watched, as you would expect a surveillance van to be inconspicuous.

There is heaps of stuff.

I can remember the lady who I refer to as my ‘auntie’ coming to my house and
showing me pictures of faces of people. I don’t know why that is useful for
them to do.

Why I think my life is choreographed comes down to a few reasons. The first
house I moved to when I started living alone was right next door to one of
my defence force recruiters or their parents. It was bizarre. I went to a
flea market a couple of weeks later (after moving next door to her) and ran
in to another of my defence force recruiters. A short time after that I went
to an air show, and again, encountered one of my recruiters.

It’s got to be more than sheer coincidence. I feel I am programmed

I don’t think I am crazy, I just feel that I have had unbelievable
experiences which some people might consider fanciful or delusional.
However, I have a mental health diagnosis I have to deal with.

I can recall moving about a year ago to a new place. I remember going for a
walk to get familiar with the area, and I ran in to Mrs. B, my old first
grade teacher. I said hi and had a brief chat with her. She didn’t live in
the area and remembered my name and who I was, which is odd after all these
years. Maybe she just has a great memory. What was quite odd was how I met
her, as I walked past a house, she walked out and proceeded to get in to a
position where I could not avoid her. It feels orchestrated.

There are so many small events that wouldn’t seem like anything unless you
were living them.

For example, one of the people from the underground militia group I referred
to as Jim, which is not his real name. He has body doubles which he doesn’t
make a huge secret of (he doesn’t tell the whole world though). I remember
about a year and a half ago presenting myself to an out of area hospital for
mental health treatment, as I had crippling anxiety. They told me they
cannot admit me for anxiety and told me to go home and deal with it. At the
hospital I saw a man there with what I assume were his wife and daughter who
looked remarkably like “Jim”. It wasn’t him but it looked just like him.

A few months later I was walking through town and I saw the same man driving
a car the wrong way down a one way street. The first three letters of his
numberplate spelt out ‘Jim’. I’m certain it was the exact same guy. And it
is no coincidence.

So I am assuming I have hypnotically induced anxieties, and places I am
programmed to be at certain times and days.

It’s really quite scary when you realise your whole life is a dance and that
because of this dance, you could be harmed easily at any time, seeing as
your behavior is not random or natural, but choreographed, and you would be
easy to locate at any time.

What else can I remember…

They’re little things which might seem inconsequential to you, things such
as the above mentioned encounter with ‘Jim’ and Mrs. B, which as I just
wrote, probably mean nothing to you.

I don’t know what to do. I would love to know why I was given a massive,
quick dose of estrogen and who did it. Or why people would stick a RFID up
my nose, leave me with a bleeding nose and then leave. Possibly all as a
means to discredit me so I can never get my story heard or any form of
compensation. Throwing me at mental health took care of that. I have no
credibility now.

I am seeing a hypnotherapist shortly (in the next week or so) to go through
and try and destroy all my programming and also so I can find out who did
what to me and when.

I don’t know what I am. I know I am not a spy. I know I am not military. I
have an inkling that I am something, something important, but that I am
controlled and owned by outside forces.

Maybe I am some kind of sleeper agent? Or an experiment or project gone
wrong and then terminated?

Any questions, just ask.
It comes to me at times…

Another thing I recall was getting followed a few years ago. I was with this
girl, and I was dating her friend who was a Muslim.

We went to a pub and a few to drink, her friend and I.

We noticed a guy in the pub who wasn’t doing anything, he just seemed out of

Later on that night we had a car crash. It was about 11pm on a Sunday.
Immediately behind us was the guy from the pub in his unmarked car.

We found out he was a member of the Australian Federal Police and claimed to
have been at an anti terrorism conference. At 11pm on a Sunday…

We saw him at the pub. He was right behind us when we crashed.

Surely not a coincidence.
After reading your links in your post, I think I may have been gang stalked
in the past.

I used to live in a rather small town, and I knew most people in my town
either by name or by sight.

I had a period of about two weeks where on every occasion I left the house I
would see a girl on a motorbike. It was odd because she would always turn

I took note of it but it wasn’t particularly troubling.

One day I left to walk the dog, and I didn’t notice the girl on the bike.
About 5 minutes in to my walk I came across a packet of cigarettes with one
smoke in there and a lighter. It was the kind of thing you’d notice losing,
it had a substantial weight to it. I put the cigarette in my mouth and went
to light it. It had an odd taste on the butt, it didn’t taste right.

I threw it away.

I started feeling funny a short while after that, about 30 seconds later the
effects first hit me. I felt dazed, confused and tired. I walked around the
corner and I came across the girl on the motorbike. She was stationary on
the road with her feet on the ground. When she saw me she sped off to where
the cigarette packet was and stopped where I found it. She then turned to
look at me and sped off again.

I started feeling really tired and went to walk home. As I was walking home,
I had to go through a park near my house.

In the park there was a guy looking for someone. He was considerably fit, as
in he was very athletic looking. Large, muscular build, very little body
fat. He was walking through the park, craning his head just looking for

I didn’t like the look of the situation so I hid around a corner where I
could get a good view of what was happening.

The guy was still looking for someone, but then he headed off down the
street. He stopped at a waiting parked van, spoke to someone, and then sat

I don’t think that was coincidence either. I got in to a position along a
fence line where he wouldn’t see me, and proceeded to walk through the park
towards my house.

The motorbike girl turned up then and started driving past my house
repeatedly, once I got inside. She was going past my house, turning around,
then going back again.

I still felt dazed and sleepy from the substance on the cigarette butt. I
went to bed and slept for over 20 hours in a very deep sleep.

I think I was drugged and perhaps was going to be picked up and taken away.

I never saw motorbike girl again after that.

Also in regards to when I thought Australia was being invaded and I had to
activate and head for the hills and fight (when the police picked me up and
took me to to hospital), I was writing on the internet. It was nothing like
what I am writing now, it was more like I was having an insider conversation
with someone. This lasted a few days before the police got to me, but they
got to me for unrelated reasons, such as trying to gain possession of
transport. I assume they were clueless as to what I was up to or anything of
that nature, excluding, of course, the plainclothed and unarmed police
officer, who was likely not police.

One of the nights when I was still in that frame of mind, I was outside my
house and there was a van parked across the street. I could see through the
front windscreen and there were two people in the front. There was at least
one in the van, as I laid down on my lawn as I was overwhelmed. At this
point I had not been eating or drinking for a few days and was extremely
dehydrated as evident by spraying on a alcohol based deodorant and
exhibiting symptoms a short time later of severe alcohol intoxication, such
as sweating, vomiting, disorientation, so the alcohol that got absorbed
through my skin had such an effect on my because I was so dehydrated.

Anyway I lay down on the grass and thought I was dying. This was when a guy
got out of the van. He told me to stand up and I said no, I was dying and I
thought I was having a heart attack. He told me that I wasn’t having a heart
attack, and if I was to cough as it would help restart my heart, I thanked
him, and he went back to his van.

The van left a short time after that. There was a person in the front of the
van who looked like he was from India or maybe Sri Lanka.

I should note at the time I went active that the Tamil Tigers launched a
raid including the use of their air force. It was one of their biggest
attacks that they had ever done. I did know a girl who had family ties to
the Tamil Tigers.

I don’t know how it is significant but I am sure it is in some way. Maybe
there was further programming involved in that some how. I don’t recall, you
generally don’t remember your programming in detail as it is done whilst in

Anyway I ran in to this guy again not long ago, maybe a year ago.

I live in a very white area and brown people, black people and Asians stand
out quite a lot.

There was a group of Indian looking people, about 4 of them, who were
walking around seemingly without direction. It was an obvious counter
intelligence operation, the way they were behaving. They started as a group,
split up, reformed, split up again and would continue walking around in such
a way that there was always one of them looking to the rear.

I was bored, and considering how obvious they made things, I wanted to play,
so I did some shadowing of them.

I shadowed one guy for about 200 metres before I got caught out by one of
his accomplices who was not of the original group of 4, he would have been
in town for some time prior. He was at a pay phone and when he saw me
shadowing his friend he smiled at me and put the phone down. The guy I was
shadowing was still unaware of me and went to talk to the guy at the phone.
That was how I knew they were connected in some way.

I assume the guy at the payphone had been in town for some time as the
original group of Indians used the train to get to town, he was more of a
rendezvous sort of person. The guy I was shadowing then became aware of me
and pretended like he had never stopped to talk to his accomplice and then
walked off down to the beach, right out of the business district and away
from anywhere where he might naturally be expected to be. He had
inappropriate clothing for the beach and he had no change of clothes with

I don’t know who they were exactly but it was a bit shady no matter how you
look at it.

And the guy at the payphone was remarkably similar in appearance to the
fellow in the van the first time I activated. Same facial expressions, same

I am pretty sure it was him.

And I don’t know what kind of op they were trying to run, unless it was just
for my entertainment.

Like I said, my whole life is orchestrated, or so it appears.
I have an appointment with a hypnotherapist in less than a week. I’ll see
what I can glean from that.

I believe what you say . The MK Ultra operations in OZ have been going on
for many decades . I suspect that the secret government started them in the
late 1930s . Many years ago the NSW government closed a clinic where they
performed deep sleep therapy , those doctors killed a lot of patients .
Visiting shrinks in Australia is very dangerous , most of them work for the
government . Everything is rigged from the political system , the medical
profession , the lawyers , the judges , the universities , and the ABC.
There is a huge scandal brewing in OZ about a former Chief of the High Court
who was a spy for ASIO . You can read about this in a book freely available

Remember that ” mental assessments ” by psychologists is a fraud . Those so
called experts are entirely owned by the state . In some countries the so
called ” mad houses ” have been abolished . That so called profession has
got ZERO credibility .

Also a bit of coincidence, in the story of the children raised in a
religious commune Assange was associated with, the handlers of the children
were all called “Auntie.”