by Cathy OBrien

If I would hunt and shoot one of our fighting elite, imagine what Id do to the likes of you!??? Dick Cheney slid the bullet into the chamber, aiming straight for my head.I could not think to fear as I shivered naked in the snow that was packing into ice crystals under my bare feet.This was not the first time I experienced Cheneys wrath in the course of this brutal Most Dangerous Game??? military training maneuver.Although I was not enlisted in military service, my tenure as an MK Ultra mind controlled slave on a White House Pentagon level during the Reagan-Bush Administration thrust me into this traumatic event unfolding on the peak of Mount Shasta.

This TOP SECRET Government installation was one of several US based mind control epicenters being used for programming and training of military Special Forces, key government officials, and civilians like myself who were raised in MK Ultra mind control. On this particular day, George Bush Sr. and his close friend Dick Cheney were playing their most dangerous game of human hunting??? as a torturous trauma base to subconsciously instill specific mind programming for CIA covert Operations.

Two decades later, I was flying back to Shasta of my own free will to speak to a crowd of aware individuals who know truth frees us from fear.Love and a regimented formula for unlocking the mental shackles of 30 years of mind control had allowed me to logically remember government secrets Id been tortured to forget. I know from my MK Ultra mind control experience that without free thought, there is no free will and ultimately no soul expression.Without soul expression, there is no ability to attune to lifes purpose and peacefully stand strong for innate issues and values.

I celebrate every day that I am free to live the love that I am true-to-soul, and joyously encourage others to do likewise through speaking engagements such as this one.Mark Phillips, who lovingly rescued me and handed me the keys to my mind, magnifies my voice when we speak out through sharing his government insider knowledge and healing insights. Mark had rescued my daughter Kelly and I from our MK Ultra mind control existence in 1988, and took us to the safety and serenity of Alaska.It was there amongst the wildlife, peace, serenity, and soul rejuvenating beauty that I felt safe for the first time and knew love.

Marks own experience in espionage had given him eyes to see, ears to hear, and soul to know my need for deprogramming, and he lovingly freed my mind to remember government secrets Id been programmed to forget. Now as one, we freely live Loves purpose bringing government secrets to light so others can see beyond the illusion of fear to know true freedom, peace, joy and love. I gazed out the airplane window watching the world from high above, wondering if I would sense the energy of the government installation on Shastas north side despite having healed from the horrific event.Shastas reputation as a spiritual epicenter perplexed me.

Were harmonics, which are so often heavily used around Top Secret government installations, creating an unnatural energy?Were religious cults in the region tapping into it?How would I feel, what would I sense, being back in the vicinity for the first time since I was free? Once on the ground, Mark drove us the rest of the way to our destination.Mount Shasta rose majestically from the earth, parting heavy clouds on its way to the heavens.Breathing in the fresh mountain air, I took in natures beauty and laughed to myself for having questioned the innate source of Shastas spiritual energy. It was instantly clear to me that no man could ever taint her spirit anymore than they could touch mine.I felt an unexpected spontaneous Oneness with Mount Shasta. Shasta had no need to prove anything to me any more than I needed to prove the reality of my experience to those attending our Shalomar Production seminar.

My story had long since been proven, even prior to releasing compiled testimony for US Congress in our book TRANCE Formation of America and our journey of survival, healing, and love in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security.This event was about healing, and those in attendance were comprised primarily of people who knew from their own adverse experiences that lifes negativity could not touch their spirit.The information Mark and I shared lit their path to healing on the deepest of levels in light of truth.

Clearly we are Spiritual Beings, and when life gets in our way blinding us from our true-to-soul selves, natures soul rejuvenating beauty makes truth easy to grasp.And truth always frees us from fear so we can heal.Shasta is a perfect healing center, and I real-eyes her energy like my energy is innately Love.

Love is the most powerful energy force in the universe and lifes negativity cannot touch it.It is no wonder that many are healing from lifes dark experiences in light of strength of Spirit at Mount Shasta.

My spirit was strengthened and my soul grounded in the reality of Mount Shastas truth.Indeed Mount Shasta feels like hOMe Sweet hOMe.