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2002: Upper Harmonics, A Short Treatise

By Ken Adachi May 22, 2002 The type of electrical waveform that most people are familiar with is the AC sine wave. AC stands for Alternating Current.  Seen on an oscilloscope, it’s the voltage sine wave form that we are most familiar with from physics text books; a gradually undulating, sinusoidal wave shape. It’s important tto bear in mind that we are usually looking at a voltage waveforms on the oscilloscope, not current waveforms, but nevertheless we can understand the current flow based on what we see in the voltage waveform. Typically, half of the sine wave cycle occurs in the upper positive region of the oscilloscope graph, above the zero line, and the other… Read More

Lie Detector Apps Coming Soon to Smartphones

Lie Detector Apps Coming Soon to Smartphones, Say Manufacturers…real ones, not cheesy prank apps like the one’s available today. Related articles Study: Junk Food more Deadly than War, Famine, Genocide Blue Snow Falls on Russian Town Two Years After Meteor Crash The Horrific Story of Hybrids, Ufo Aliens, and the Dulce Underground Base Transmutational / Ascension Symptoms The Men in Black – On Audio Can Vaccines Be Harmful To Your Health? Quimbaya Artifacts

Robert Pavlita – Psychotronic Generators

This note is intended to draw attention to the work of Robert Pavlita and his experiments in bio-energy. Feedback is very much wanted. Contact details appear at the end. A pleasing result of the enormous changes occurring in eastern Europe is the exposure of developments and ideas hitherto hidden from the attention of the west. The work of Robert Pavlita, a Czech scientist working for fifty years in almost total obscurity, is a good example. Pavlita built an extraordinary array of what he called Psychotronic Generators, bizarre but exquisite metal-work creations – each about the size of a paperback book – which serve as “batteries” for certain kinds of psychic energy.… Read More

Weaponized Cell Towers Feature Large Kill Radius

Why do these Cell towers require multiple 300,000 watt electric cables? What are they capable of doing? FKTV.IS – Alexandra Bruce – February 10, 2016 I’m not crazy about the language that this guy uses but I do find the information that he shares here to be worthy of your consideration. It’s hyper-paranoid to the point of being humorous, yet the facts are correct. He gets into the meat of the matter by explaining that a communications satellite uses 2,400 watts of power (about the same as used by 2 hair dryers). A microwave oven uses 1,000 watts (1 kilowatt) of energy. The satellite gets the energy from solar panels and… Read More